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Niesha Wolfe
Legislative Chairman


Neisha Wolfe is our Legislative Committee Chair.



The Gingham Café was started in November, 2013 by the wife of a retired Ft. Campbell soldier.  Having moved 17 times in 20 years of Army life, Niesha Wolfe became a real “International Foodie” and loved being able to sample different types of food wherever she and her family lived.  A trip to Ireland with her daughter, also a “Foodie”,  in the summer of 2013 lit a fire after eating at the Irish Pubs that operated “companion style” where all patrons sit together at communal tables.

“Food as a communicator” is the motto of The Gingham Café for locals and visitors alike.  The staff at The Gingham Café love the laid-back atmosphere of the café as customers eat in, carry out, or enjoy a meal delivered by Door Dash.  Large groups also enjoy our catering as we love to prepare food for all occasions.
tration and Broadcast Speech from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.

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