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Regular Monthly Club Meeting 

June 4, 2024

11:30 am

Montgomery County GOP Meeting

4th Tuesday of each Month

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Regular Monthly Meeting


Date: June 4, 2024

Time: 11:30 am


Place:  The Tanglewood House


Cost:    $26.00 for Members and $31.00 for nonmembers.  This amount includes a $1.00 convenience fee for using a credit/debit card.


When you receive your reservation request email from Tina, please respond as to whether you will attend or not, by clicking “Reply” with a yes or a no and include your name.  Make your reservation by email to Tylor Hornung at or by phone at 618-214-1669.


Reservations must be made before 10:00 am the Friday prior to our meeting the following Tuesday. 

Remember that  “a reservation made is a reservation paid.” If you know someone who does not have email, let her know to contact Carol by phone. 

Make check payable to MCRW or use your credit/debit card (there is a $1.00 convenience fee added).​

The Tanglewood House

1601 Madison Street

Clarksville, TN


Alice Rolli

Executive Director of Children's Hospital Alliance of Tennessee

It’s hard to look across our great state and not the impact from Alice Ganier Rolli.  From her work to support, elect, and re-elect Senator Lamar Alexander to her steadfast, successful, efforts to save one of Tennessee’s most important Civil War sites, Alice never gives up on Tennessee.


Born in Nashville, Alice spent the first few weeks of life at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. It’s a grace to now represent Vanderbilt - and other children’s hospitals - as the executive director of the Children’s Hospital Alliance of Tennessee. Before CHAT, she was the Vice President of a curriculum company providing music-based curricula to students in 50 states and 40 countries around the world. Her award-winning approach led her to be Assistant Commissioner of Economic and Community Development bringing the world’s businesses to Tennessee. She began her career as an educator.


Alice is no stranger to the impact strong women leave on their community. Her mother was the first female partner listed on the masthead of a major Tennessee law firm. Her grandmother organzied her garden club to vote in the Republican primary before it was fashionable. Thankfully, Alice has carried on the family tradition of volunteer civic engagement. Together with her husband, combat veteran Dr. Michael Rolli, she’s teaching her two sons to do the same.


Many of us met her on TV last year when she ran to be the 50th Mayor of Nashville. She came out of a crowded field to advance to the runoff. She is only the second person in 50 years to advance to the run-off without ever having been elected to office in Nashville. Her common-sense campaign built around supporting public safety, insisting on better for our children, and responsibly managing the city’s finances drew record support from across the city.

We’re excited to welcome Alice today and learn more about that campaign, her drive to support women in leadership, and her message of building community that makes a difference.

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