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Teresa Tuttle
Past President

Teresa Tuttle.jpg

Teresa is our Past President.  She is a retired Mental Health Nurse and has been married 53 years to a Retired Army Capt. She has two sons and two grandchildren, all who have served in the Army and one recently retired after 23 years.

Teresa's favorite pastimes are gardening; bird watching; photography while hiking; history and mystery novels and coloring. I She was born and raised in Florida . Before becoming a nurse she was a Cardio-Pulmonary/Cath technician.


As empty nesters, Teresa and Mike took off work to go sailing and RV-ing for 2 years and then lived in the Middle East for 2 years. From there they  traveled all over Europe and Asia, including a month in China.  They worked for a few more years, bought a farm and retired. Since then they have continued their travels to Thailand, Hungary, Europe and UK, Greece and Jerusalem, Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand.   Teresa says that they have been very blessed and fortunate that they were able to see and experience other cultures around the world.  But, she does say that there is no place like home, God Bless America.


Thank you Teresa for all you have done for MCRW!

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