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December White Elephant Silent Auction

silent auction.jpg

Nice Items and Good Bids!

General Rules:

  • This is one of our most important, and last, fund raisers of the year.  Translation:  We need nice items and good bids.

  • Attendees are requested to bring items you would like to take home.  It is not a time to clean house and rid yourself of things you no longer want.  Please select items you cannot use anymore or just don’t want but someone else might.

  • Please complete a bid sheet for each item you bring.  Sheets must be completed and presented with each item.  There is no one to complete the sheets for you.

  • The more items you bring the more opportunities to make money.  The more items you buy and the higher your bids, the more money we make.

  • All items not sold must be reclaimed and removed by the donor.  There is no provision for removal. 

  • Unsold books can be placed in a book recovery box for donation. 

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