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Regular Monthly Club Meeting

June 1, 2021

11:30 am


The Tanglewood House

1601 Madison Street

Clarksville, TN

Regular Luncheon Meeting


Date:  June 1, 2021

Time: 11:30 am 


Place:  The Tanglewood House


Cost:    $20.00 at the door or PayPal


Luncheon Meetings are every first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 am.


Cost is $20.  Make check payable to MCRW or use PayPal.


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Reservations must be made before 10:00 am the Friday prior to our 11:30 am meeting the following Tuesday. 

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Ellen Twombley

MELP (Mamie Eisenhower Library Project) Presentation

About Ellen

Matt Throckmorton.jpg

Matt Throckmorton

Critical Race Theory Q&A

About Matt

Ellen Twombley


Ellen will be is presenting the NFRW MELP (Mamie Eisenhower Library Project) to the Club.  She was born in Fillmore, N.Y. and is the widow of Maj. Richard F. Twombly, US Army Retired.   They were married fifty years and raised three fine children, and have five grandchildren. 


Ellen attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, B.S. and received her degree in Home Economics-Foods and Nutrition and Institution Management.  In addition, she completed a course in Dietetic Internship as an Army Officer at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, D.C.  Ellen also attended Austin Peay State University, and received her B.S. degree in Biology/Chemistry with a teaching certification. 


She was employed with the US Army, Medical Specialist Corps, and served as a Registered Dietitian at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Fort Jackson Army Hospital, S.C., and 2ND General Hospital, Landsthul, Germany during the Viet Nam War.  She worked at the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System where she taught Eighth grade general science at New Providence Middle School for six years and eighth grade general science at Northeast Middle School for eleven years.  In addition to her membership with the Montgomery CRW, Ellen is a member of the Methodist Church, the Clarksville- Montgomery County Retired Teachers Association and  the Tennessee Academy of Science. 


She enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, camping, sewing and quilting. 


Matt Throckmorton

Matt will be presenting a short Q&A on Critical Race Theory and the legislation being shared nationally to combat this liberal agenda. 

Matt has extensive policy, leadership, and operational experience in education reform. Matt's service began in 1991 as a volunteer office worker for United States Senator Orrin Hatch. From there he became continually active in the Republican Party, which included time spent on the State Central Committee, chairing the 2001 State Republican Party Convention Balloting, and numerous other posts.


In 1999 Matt was elected to the Utah House of Representatives, serving the 65th District. In this capacity he served as Vice Chairman of the Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Committee, Chairman of the Child Welfare Legislative Oversight Panel, Chairman of the Enhancement of Public Education Task Force, and Regional Whip in House Leadership. At different times he was asked to represent the Republican Party, State Legislature, and the State of Utah in various capacities, to include the International Committee of Communities of Peace, which met in London, England in 2000. In this capacity, he worked with representatives of over 100 other nations to discuss policy opportunities to strengthen communities and families. For his service, he received dozens of recognitions for his tireless commitment to free enterprise, Second Amendment Rights, Education Reform, and advocacy for individual rights.

In 2002, Matt shifted his focus into a more direct role, affecting public education. This included serving as an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Utah Valley University, and as a guest speaker on education reform for Stanford University, Brigham Young University, Vanderbilt University, Harvard University, and many others. His involvement focused on supporting the formation, growth, and expansion of charter schools, which includes engagement with over one-hundred charter schools. From 2007 to 2013 Matt served on the State Leadership Council of the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools, where he helped set the national agenda and policy initiatives for charter schools across the country.

Matt also served as the Utah Military Academy Executive Director Hill Field Campus, Est 2014 and the Valdez-Peterson Campus, Est 2017. His policy work has included the passage of over one-hundred-fifty improvements to public education law, specifically in Utah and Tennessee, though many of his policy initiatives have been replicated in over a dozen other states. He has worked with a dozen different Governors on education reform, to include advising on charter school policies, and overall education reform. Most recently Matt served as the State Strategist for the Ted Cruz for President, Utah Campaign, where strategies he helped developed resulted in Senator Cruz receiving almost 70% of the votes in Utah, which was the largest margin of victory for any candidate during the 2016 Presidential Primary.

He is currently working with “No Left Turn” https://noleftturn.us/ , a group formed by parents, to combat the liberal agendas targeting our children in the public school system. They are specifically working to halt the damaging spread of Critical Race Theory programs. Matt has written model legislation which protects school districts and teachers from being forced to participate in CRT programs. This legislation is being shared nationally.

Matt received his B.A. in Political Science from Brigham Young University. He served as an M60A3 Patton and M1A1 Abrams Tank crewman, to include a Rotation at the vaunted National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California. His unit, the 116th Armored Combat Regiment was thoroughly defeated by the OpFor, which was a tremendous experience. Matt was an Honorary Commander of the 419th FW, flying the F-35 Lightning II. He is married to the former Valerie Reynolds; they have two daughters, Hannah 15 and Madilyne who is married to Jebediah Jagers of Clarksville. Madilyne is a senior at Austin Peay University, majoring in psychology.   Download his complete profile by clicking here.